By Vladimir Megre

The following are two spot-on reviews of “Anastasia” that I found online:


If you are interested in exploring the options to make the world a better place, meaning of life, beautiful truths of what it means to be human in the highest, fullest sense, this book and the Ringing Cedars series is probably the best literature you will come across. It is simply up-lifting, life-changing. Anastasia’s philosophy makes you feel excited to be alive at this time and gives optimism and hope for the future.
What is also lovely about these books, is that on each re-read you discover something new – based on where your consciousness and focus are at, you notice something you didn’t notice earlier, and again, the books give you something new to reflect on.  


Summary: Inspiring, heart warming. philosophical and poetic. Full of revolutionary new ideas.
Reviewer: A reader from South Devon, England

I fell in love with this book. It’s extraordinary, uplifting, heart warming, mind provoking, emotionally stirring. It’s simply amazing! The philosophical ideas of the book are so deeply profound, spiritual but also firmly grounded. It’s beautiful and fantastical but full of down to earth practical advise. It made me jump up and down with joy and enthusiasm, it made me cry a bit, it made me think hard. In fact I’m still thinking about it now. What I crave most is the opportunity to talk to somebody about the book, but so few people have heard about it. I’ve got questions. There are bits I don’t fully understand. There is some controversy, a mystery. Certain things are not fully explained. Is Anastasia a living person or just a symbolic figure? A beautiful image? Who is the real author of the book? Is this all true or is it just a fantasy? A lie? Brain washing? Manipulation for a good reason? O, please dear fellow reader, grab the book, don’t hesitate to buy it! Read it, share your opinion of it. Will it touch you the way it touched me? Will you be similarly inspired? Will you be put off by the book’s rather primitive and over-sentimental style? Will you rush to your garden the way I did and find a space to plant couple of more fruit trees and bushes? I keep lending my copy to my friends and they return it with eyes shining. “I want to go to Russia and see it for myself”, Michelle said. “What if Anastasia doesn’t exist?”, I asked. “It doesn’t matter. The ideas in the book are so exciting! And all the knowledge in the world has been channeled to us from the higher reality anyway. All the writers, scientists, philosophers are just the messengers.” Michelle is very spiritually advanced . “Perhaps Anastasia does exist “, Christopher speculates, “but she is an old and wrinkled Russian Babushka (a wise woman, Baba-Yaga?), so the author made her young, beautiful and sexy for the book’s wider appeal?” Funny… But even if it is just a fiction, somebody really wants to change the world for the better.
My intuition tells me that deepest sacred truth has been revealed, hidden secret knowledge has been shared with everyone. Luckily I can read in Russian too and of course I didn’t stop at volume one. I went through all eight books. Absolutely fascinating! Jaw-dropping. This book has changed my life.
Thank you.

Ms. A. Gordon
the only book i am recommending at the moment!

i am so grateful for these books.. when i read this book, i feel a renewed hope for humanity and our mother earth. i wish i had the right combination of words to encourage everyone to read this book. there are communities springing up all over the world because of this book. people are quitting their jobs and wanting to live more closer to nature. this is what the earth needs!! thank you anastasia, thank you vladimir!