Earth Memory: Holistic Earth Mysteries Approach to Decoding Ancient Sacred Sites

By Paul Devereux

Ancient monuments are our memory banks. Ancient builders harnessed earth energies and perennial knowledge into the likes of the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge. Learn to decode the information locked in any ancient site of your choosing and experience the reality of Gaia — the living planet.

Because of its multi-disciplinary and multi-mode nature, the field of earth mysteries is considered as a fringe area of interest by mainstream academics – even a lunatic fringe. The irony is that many of the subjects clustered within the folds of earth mysteries are valid and authentic lines of research; it is their  juxtaposition and cross-boundary treatment that present one of the problems to the orthodox mind. It is also true that there is considerable conceptual nonsense, naivety, lack of factual knowledge and sheer intellectual dishonesty displayed by some earth mysteries proponents. When the earth mysteries area is considered by sceptics, it is these negative factors which are used to colour it in their minds, and so the whole field is ridiculed and excluded from serious consideration.